Jakarta International Jewellery Fair 2020

he JAKARTA INTERNATIONAL JEWELLERY FAIR (“JIJF”) is the most glamorous and comprehensive jewellery trade fair that provides entrepreneurs and business owners alike to congregate, trade, and exchange latest market information within jewellery industry in Western Indonesia.
Jakarta, sitting as the capital city of Indonesia with over 250 million people, has a great potential to become a hub for jewellery industry within the region. It gives a huge consumer-retailed market with its market potential barely tapped into. Let alone, the population of Jakarta and its suburbs has around 21 million people making it one of most populated city in the world.
The growth of Indonesia economy consistently above 5% per annum for the past several years has made it one of the fastest economic growth countries in the world, and the city of Jakarta is at the heart of that growth in term of its consumers’ purchasing power with an ever growing middle class population.
This year 13th JAKARTA INTERNATIONAL JEWELLERY FAIR 2019 (“13th JIJF 2020”) will hold and expand its annual trade fair on 19 – 22 March 2020 at KARTIKA EXPO CENTER – BALAI KARTINI, JAKARTA – INDONESIA. Balai kartini is located at Jalan Jenderal Gatot Subroto Kav. 37 Kuningan Timur . Easy access from kuningan and sudirman road. Please check out the website www.balaikartini.com to find out more.
The fair provides great opportunity for manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and suppliers in diamond, gold, silver, pearl, precious and semi precious stones to congregate and establish business relationship with many untapped Indonesian jewelers and regional jewellery traders. There is no better way to expand your business network in INDONESIA than taking part into this fair.
Exhibitors of 13th JIJF 2020 will showcase wide selections of gold, silver, pearl, diamond, precious & semi-precious stones, rough stones, and other fine crafts & jewellery with latest designs and high-tech jewellery machineries that set upcoming trends for consumer and jewellery markets. Other attractive merchandises, such as: jewellery accessories, machinery, equipment & tools, and display & packaging will also be showcased at the fair.


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